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The Digital SLR Cameras

is the fastest growing segment of digital cameras. With more affordable prices and constantly increasing performances, digital single lens reflex – digital SLR cameras become increasingly popular. Digital SLR cameras give the best picture quality among all digital cameras. Moreover, digital SLR cameras Canon EOS 7D and Canon EOS 5D Mark II were already used to make film and television movies including several featured films. Digital SLR cameras in the mentioned class are better than professional camcorders at several parameters such as higher picture count of image sensor and larger viewing angle of the lens.

The number of pixels of the image sensor is a parameter associated in advertising with the image quality. Between two image sensors with the same size, the sensor with higher pixel count gives sharper picture than the sensor with lower pixel count. There is no doubt about this, but other elements of digital SLR cameras such as the lens and the digital image core are very important, too, for image quality. As a rule of thumb, higher pixels count gets sharper picture when using any high quality lens. For details, go to Digital Camera Basics post of this site.

The image sensor size is an equally important parameter. Larger size image sensor captures more light and obviously is more sensitive to light and has less noise. The full-frame size 36.0mmx23.9mm captures the entire image of the lens and has the lowest noise level. Sensor size is behind sensitivity, given by maximum speed, such as ISO6400, ISO12800 or higher, found in more Canon and Nikon digital SLR cameras. At high speed such as ISO3200 or higher, you can make astonishing pictures in very low light conditions without speedlite or flash unit. Be aware that at high speed such as ISO3200, the noise (grains) in the image is higher and the image sharpness is lower than at lower speed such as ISO100. For better sharpness, go to the lowest possible speed.

The digital image processor is also essential. Every major camera manufacturer has its own digital image processor. Checking its operation can be done by looking at several image features, such as: purity of white areas, levels of shade, and how close to natural look are the colors. Go to Internet and look at some images made with your candidate cameras.

The lens is making the image on the sensor. Its importance is obvious. You can find more words about lenses in Lenses for Digital Cameras article.

Camera body case is made either of high-quality plastics, or is made of light metals. Do not worry about plastic case: for most photographers, it is as sturdy as the metal case, but at lower cost and is lighter.

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