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are all grouped in Displays department, because now HDTV and 3D HDTV can be connected also to computers as computer monitors do. Increasingly popular HDMI interface allows computer monitors, HDTV and

also 3D HDTV to communicate with computer. Assuming that your computer has a good graphics card, the image quality on computer monitor, on HDTV and 3D HDTV depends on the quality of these display devices. For comments on this subject, see the article Lighting in Digital Photography- Colors of Light Source and of Pictures. When selecting a laptop computer, pay careful attention to the screen and to the graphics coprocessor. Typical screen resolution is now 1920x1080px, HDTV and 3D HDTV compatible. However, it is always useful to have a good quality computer monitor, even when you work with a laptop computer. HDTV, 3D HDTV and also modern laptop computers have HDMI port for direct communication between laptop computer and these display devices, avoiding complications introduced by wireless communication. Our site has a rich collection of computer monitors, HDTV and 3D HDTV.

HDTV and 3D HDTV can be either shared between home and your digital lab, or you can have a dedicated HDTV or 3D HDTV only for your digital lab, especially when you work frequently with video and movies. HDTV or 3D HDTV make good sense for you especially when you have video productions for HDTV or 3D HDTV. You can find a good assortment of HDTV and 3D HDTV in our site.

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HDTV LCD is the most numerous category of HDTV, with more than 1,600 items. Below we recommend several units from the top 100 best sellers. Follow the link of the section title for accessing the entire collection.

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Plasma HDTV is preferred within the diagonal range between 40 inches and 44 inches. Plasma TVs have wide colour gamut and very low dark levels. Of course, you can find a wide range of 3D Plasma HDTVs in our site. Below we recommend several Plasma HDTV units from the top 100 best sellers. Follow the link of the section title for access to entire collection.

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Computer monitor is the main component in your dialogue with computer. Most of computer monitors available on the market are based on TFT LCD technology.

Several parameters must be considered when selecting a computer monitor:

(i) It is preferable 16:9 aspect ratio compatible with HDTV and 3D HDTV for watching movies and videos in HDTV and 3D HDTV. However, 16:9 monitors gradually replace computer monitors with 4:3 aspect ratio.

(ii) Monitor HDMI compatibility gives you flexibility for using it also with other display devices such as DVD players, requiring 1920x1080p high quality image.

(iii) Dot pitch is the spacing between centres of adjacent pixels. Smaller pitch gives sharper image.

(iv) Response time is the time in milliseconds required by a pixel to go from active (bright) state to inactive (dark) state and back to active state. 5 milliseconds or less is fast enough for watching 3D HDTV.

(v) Display contrast is the difference between maximum and minimum brightness in the image.

(vi) Power consumption measured in watts (W) is a measure of the energy consumption. Smaller power is better. However, all LCD units go automatically in low power mode after a certain period of time of inactivity.

Most part of our computer monitors use LCD technology. For browsing our entire collection of more than 12,000 computer monitors and associated products, follow the link.
In our opinion, a good monitor is a good investment for today and also for near future. Below we have a selection of computer monitors from Top 100 Best Sellers.

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Digital Photo Frames are nice way of displaying the preferred pictures on your desk. Below you have a selection of digital photo frames from the top rated items. For the entire category, follow the link of the title.

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Digital projectors are preferred devices to show movies or pictures to a large audience. The quality of projected images and video, of course combined with affordable prices made them more popular than it was estimated several years ago. Our department has the best digital video projectors on the market at the best prices. You can see below a selection of digital projectors from Top 100 ranking. For our entire line of digital video projectors, follow the link of the title.

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