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title is suggestive for handling images and video in digital format generated by digital cameras, camcorders, iPads, iPod touch and smartphones. They all handle the same kind of signals in various formats. Accordingly, signal processing is done using laptops and dedicated software. External high-quality monitors are preferable, to see better the result of your work. It is not uncommon to print locally some pictures using a photo-printer. It is also obvious to record your images and your productions either on DVD or on Blu-ray media.

Laptops today are great replacement for desktops for most applications. They can be used successfully either as home or small business computer and have typically all the components of a desk-top computer. Moreover, they are portable, and can be connected to Internet either via cable, or wireless. A review of main elements to check when buying a laptop could be helpful for many users.

CPU is the computer’s heart. There are two CPU manufacturers: Intel and AMD. Intel’s processors Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 mobile run from 1.3GHz up to 2.9GHz, either with 2 or with 4 cores. Higher speed require more power, which reduces battery life. Fusion A-series processors from AMD aim to offer better value in affordable all-purpose and ultra portable laptops.

Memory requirement is between 2GB and 16GB (recommended) for modern operating systems. Below 2GB RAM, laptop operation is marginal.

Graphics module is responsible for everything you see on the screen. For most applications except video games and HDTV, the integrated graphics works fine. For demanding video applications, we suggest graphic processing units from Nvidia and ATI.

Display of 15inches or more, with 1920x1080pixels can show full HDTV movies and also performs well other applications such as image and video editing. Mini D-Sub 15-pin connector for external monitor is a standard option for most laptops. Several ultrabooks are too thin to fit the VGA port connector. Digital video output would be preferable for better video quality.

HDD of 500GB or more at 5400rpm for low power consumption or 7200rpm if low power is not critical, should be good for all applications, including HDTV processing. Solid State Drives (SSD) are more popular for multiple reasons including price, which is constantly decreasing. They will gradually replace HDDs.

Optical drive, Blu-ray enabled DVDRW/CD-RW is better option for recording your video productions on DVD and also on Blu-ray media.

Flash Card reader for SD+MMC+MS cards is a must, for reading images and video from the digital devices. However, if the laptop does not have the card reader, you should buy one with USB connection.

USB ports are standard option for any laptop, for connecting a multitude of USB devices, including digital cameras. USB ports version 2.0 and up can support high transfer rates of video camera.

HDMI port is standard at today’s laptops for connecting camcorders.

Bluetooth built-in connection is increasingly popular for wireless connection of external devices such as wireless mouse and eventually wireless keyboard. However, all laptops have a touch pad for cursor.

Internet connection through a local router can be done either through 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet or through 802.11b/g/n wireless port. However, wireless connection to a local router is now a standard feature. Internet can be also available through WiFi connection.

Operating systems for new laptops is either Windows 7 and up, or MAC OS X Lion. These new operating systems come bundled with most of the software drivers required for digital cameras and digital camcorders.

We have more than 11,500 laptops with Windows 7 (6,500+ items), Windows XP (390+ items), Windows Vista (580+ items), Mac OS X 10.5 (20+ items) and Mac OS X 10.6 (70+ items) with various processors such as AMD Turion, Intel Celeron, Intel Core 2, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7 and Intel Pentium to mention the most numerous categories. The processors have either single core, dual core, triple core, or quad core. We have the best laptop brands such as Acer, Apple, Compaq, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, to mention those with more laptop models. Display size range from 9.9 inches and under up to 19 inches and up. RAM size ranges from 1GB and under up to 6GB and up. Display sizes ranges from 9.9 inches and under up to 19 inches and up. HDD range is from 80GB and under up to 8TB and up. Follow the laptops link for access to entire line of laptops. Below we have several recommended types from several featuring categories. For access to entire category, follow the link of the title of each category.

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We have more than 700 items in our Photo Printing department. We have more than 230 Photo Printers for high resolution color (4800dpi and more) and tone levels that mimic the quality of traditional photos made by classical means. Our photo printers have either color output, or monochrome output, can be connected either via Ethernet, Firewire, USB, or wireless. Our photo printers have different features such as auto duplex, CD printing, Color, Network-ready and Portable. Obviously, one printer can have more features, such as color printing, wireless connection and CD printing. The printing speed can be from 11PPm to 20PPM up to 31PPM to 40PPM.
We have color printers from reputable brands such as Canon, Epson, HP, to mention just a few. For entire access to photo printer brands, follow the Printers link. The prices of our photo printers starts from under $25 and go up to $200 and up.

Below, we recommend several color printers from select categories. For full access to entire category, follow the link in the title of each category. Be aware that a printer may appear in more than one category.

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Photo, video and sound editing software is a must for anybody working with pictures and videos. The photo processing applications built in the operating systems can do only minor alterations on the pictures, such as adjustment of brightness, contrast and eventually gamma. Simple tasks such as red eye reduction are not available in built-in applications. Video productions require more work which cannot be done with the operating systems standard plugins at the expected quality. There are on Internet several free editors for picture, video and eventually for sound, which have limited functions. Definitely, our sites has the best editors for picture, video and sound available on the market at the best prices. Our site hosts software applications from amateur level up to professional level.

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We have more than 2,200 items for photo editing for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS and Linux with prices ranging from under $20, up to $200 and up. We recommend below several software applications from different categories. You have access to entire category by following the link of the title.

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External Optical Drives such as DVD Drives and Blu-ray Drives are very useful accessories for storing your video productions. You can use them also to backup your image and video recordings.
We recommend below several optical drives selected from top 100 best sellers. For access to our entire range of DVD drives and Blu-ray drive, follow the links of respective titles.

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Scanners are very useful accessories for electronic filing the paper documents of your home business and for converting to digital format old photos on paper. Our store offers you the best scanners on the market at the best prices. We recommend below a selection of scanners from Top 100 ranking. For more units, follow the link of the title.

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