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department offers a large variety of lenses not only for digital SLR cameras, but also for professional camcorders, for compact system cameras and also underwater lenses.

The increasing popularity of digital SLR cameras is largely credited to their capability of changing the lens. This is normal, because the lens makes the image of the subject on the image sensor. You can go to Lenses post of this site to find out some basic aspects of lenses. Major camera lens manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Sigma, Tamron and others provide a continuously increasing variety of lenses for digital SLR cameras.

The lenses made by major digital SLR cameras manufacturers such as Canon and Nikon fit their respective digital cameras. When you plan to buy a lens from a third-party manufacturer such as Sigma or Tamron or other manufacturer for your Canon or Nikon camera, check carefully lens compatibility with your camera. Some features such as autofocus, image stabilization or vibration reduction might not work if the lens is not compatible to your digital SLR camera. We recommend to choose the largest lens aperture and the maximum wide angle lens your budget can afford. More collected light allows you to shoot at lower ISO_speed, therefore less noise or grains in the picture.

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