Recommended Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

or PS digital cameras are recommended for beginners in digital photography and for advanced users alike. As the name suggests, the user just points the camera to the scene and shoot! The advancements in image sensor technology, in image processors and also in lenses make possible to have today pocket-size digital point-and-shoot cameras making amazing pictures. In this department you can find now digital point-and-shoot cameras with image stabilized zoom, vari-angle LCD and also waterproof units, extremely useful when you want to shoot pictures in the rain and you do not have waterproof digital SLR camera.

In the emerging class of compact system cameras, you have the option to change the lens. Of course, these lenses are designed for each specific compact camera model.

This department has two sections: digital Point-and-Shoot cameras and Compact System cameras. You are invited to use extensively the links for browsing also this department.

In Point and Shoot digital camera section you have the option to look for camera features such as Video Recording, Image Stabilization, Zoom Lens, Full HD, Sporting and Waterproof. For more options, follow the link at the beginning of paragraph.
You can look also at point-and-shoot cameras made by different manufacturers such as Canon, Panasonic, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Samsung and more if you follow the above link. At the same link, you have choices to search for sensor sizes between below 5.9MP and over 18MP, and also looking in the price range between below $25 up to $200 and above.

In this page we show limited selections grouped in several popular categories mentioned in their titles. For more products in each category, follow the link of the title.

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Compact System Cameras is an emerging category of point-and-shoot cameras with interchangeable lens. The lenses of compact cameras have better quality than the lenses of point-and-shoot cameras. Overall, compact cameras are an intermediate category between the digital point-and-shoot cameras and digital SLR cameras. We have available more than 320 items of compact system cameras from major brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Nikon, Fujifilm and more. All of them are accessible through the link of this paragraph heading.
The compact cameras in our department are grouped also according to features such as HD Video, 16MP, Viewfinder, High Definition, Touch Screen, Lumix, 1080p and more. At the same link, you can find compact system camera ranked by the image sensor size from 10MP up to 18MP and more, and also ranked by price, from under $25 up to $200 or more.
Below we have short selections of compact system cameras according to the categories shown in the title which is also linked to the entire category.

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