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The Music department hosts many genres such as , Blues, Broadway & Vocalists, Children’s Music, Classical Music, Classic Rock, Country, Folk, Hard Rock & Metal, Jazz, Latin Music, Opera & Vocal, Pop, Rock grouped in several categories such as Best Sellers, New Releases and New MP3. You can find the music in digital recording formats CD and MP3 and also in Vinyl. Always you find $0.69 songs albums to download in MP3 format.
As a bonus, you find Free MP3 Albums and Free MP3 Songs to enjoy.

Here are several recommended songs from Top 100 ranking.

The Movies and Video department is the host for a large variety of Movies and TV, Blu-ray Movies and TV Shows and Instant Video. They are grouped in several selections such as New and Future Releases, Best Sellers, Today’s Deals and also for other selections.

The DVD Movies department is one of the world largest movies collection which includes also the most recent releases in still popular DVD format. The genres cover a wide span such as Action & Adventure (29,000+), Comedy (27,000+), Documentary (25,000+), Drama (47,000+), Foreign Films (24,000+), Horror (14,000+), Kids & Family (15,000+), Mystery & Thrillers (19,000+), Romance (12,000+), Science Fiction (7,000+), Special Interests (13,000+), Sports (10+) and more. The numbers in parenthesis show the number of movies of each genre.

We recommend below from the Top 100 ranking movies on DVD.

The Blu-ray Movies are increasingly popular, driven by high quality and decreasing price of the Blu-ray media and players. This department has a multitude of genres, such as Action & Adventure (2,400+), Comedy (1,700+), Documentary (570+), Drama (3,100+), Foreign Films (800+), Horror (920+), Kids & Family (770+), Mystery & Thrillers (1,700+), Performing Arts (320+), Romance (880+), Science Fiction (540+), Special Interests (690+) and more.

The Instant Video department has more than 120,000 movies and TV shows to rent or buy, including many thousands movies available to Amazon Prime members at no additional cost.

The Instant Video – Movies section contains a large variety of genres, such as Action & Adventure (6,500+), Comedy (7,500+), Documentary (7,000+), Drama (11,000+), Foreign Films (2,400+), Horror (3,900+), Kids & Family (2,600+), Music Videos & Concerts (1,900+), Mystery & Thrillers (3,000+), Romance (2,000+), Science Fiction (1,400+), Westerns (1000+) and more. The number of items for each genre is in parenthesis.

The Instant Video – TV section has a wide selection of genres, among which are Action & Adventure (700+), Anime & Manga (300+), Comedy (1,900+), Documentary (400+), Drama (2,500+), Kids & Family (700+), Mystery & Thrillers (380+), Reality TV (1,300+), Romance (140+), Science Fiction (450+), Special Interests (160+), Sports (200+) and more. The number of items for each genre is in parenthesis.

We recommend below from Top 100 in Instant Video department.

The Books department has the world largest on-line selection of books on different formats: paper, audio and electronic for well known Amazon’s Kindle family, which recently added new members: Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire and Kindle Paperwhite.
You can find also a large selection of Magazines.

There are more than 1.5 million of Kindle eBooks spanning across more than thirty categories.

You are invited also to enjoy Audiobooks and Audible Audiobooks for iPhone, Android and Windows.

You can find one here of the largest selection of paper books in the world. We mention just several categories, being far from exhausting the entire variety: Arts and Photography, Biographies and Memoirs, Business and Investing, Children’s Books, Computer and Technology, Cookbooks, Food and Wine, Crafts, Hobbies and Home, Literature and Fiction, Romance, Science and Math, Sports and Outdoors and Travel. You have multiple selection criteria for the books, such as Best Books of the Year So Far, Best Books of the Month, Best Sellers. Even you can sell your books through this store.

We recommend several books selected from Top 100 Best Sellers ranking:

The Games department has Video Games and Digital Games sections.
Video Games section has a large number of games for various platforms, such as PlayStation 3 (9,000+), Xbox 360 (9,000+), Wii (9,000+), Wii U (30+), PC (26,000+), Mac (2,000+), Nintendo DS (15,000+), Nintendo 3DS (1,400+), PlayStation Vita (1,000+), Sony PSP (8,000+) and a lot more. The numbers in parenthesis show the number of games of each category.
Games Download section has a large number of games for Free-to-Play, PC, Download, Casual Downloads and Mac Downloads. Your have search facilities looking for several categories such as: Bestsellers, Pre-Orders, New Releases, or Digital Games Deals of the Week. There are different categories of games such as Action, Adventure, Racing, Role-Playing, Simulation, Sports, Strategy and more.

We recommend below several games from Top 100 Best Sellers Video Games ranking.

The Digital SLR department has the best selection of digital SLR cameras made by all major camera manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus mentioning just four of them.
We provide some helpful hints for selection of digital cameras by explaining briefly the meaning of several terms frequently used in advertising digital SLR cameras, such as number of pixels, image sensor size, digital image processor and camera body.
We know that the more and more people are buying digital cameras from an increasingly large variety of cameras available on the market. This situation leads to several basic questions for the digital camera buyer: (i)which is the best camera for me, (ii)which is the best lens for my camera, and (iii)how to use the digital camera for shooting the best pictures. We help our visitors to answer to these questions and also to other questions with Digital Cameras, Lenses, Lighting – Position and Lighting – Color articles. More articles will come. By providing this information, we offer support to our clients for taking better decisions when buying a digital camera and also in successful shooting.
This department has extensive search engines on categories such as Best Sellers Digital SLRs, New Digital SLRs and also a general search engine Digital SLR for the entire digital SLR category.

We recommend below several digital SLRs within Top 100 Best Sellers ranking.

The Lenses department has the vast majority, if not all the lenses available on the market for digital SLRs, compact cameras, camcorders and iPads. Sometimes, lens selection can be more difficult than digital SLR camera selection. With this idea in mind, we wrote Lenses article with helpful hints for understanding the lenses and their specifications. We hope that this article will be a real help for visitors in their effort to buy the best fit lens for a certain category of photography.
We help the visitor with several search engines. The name of each search engine of the department is significant for the lens category it is assigned for, such as: Lenses is for all lenses, and Camera Lenses, Camcorder Lenses and Underwater Lenses are self explanatory.
There are also narrow selections of best seller lenses for Normal Photography, Macro, Telephoto Zoom and Wide Angle.

Below we recommend several lenses from Top 100 Best Sellers ranking.

The Point-and-Shoot department has most of the point-and-shoot digital camera available on the market. The Digital Cameras article gives you a better understanding of the operation of point-and-shoot camera. Its simplicity in operation, overall size and image quality make it increasingly popular among beginners in digital photography and among advanced photographers alike. However, fans of digital SLRs have also a point-and-shoot camera in their camera bags.
More recent point-and-shoot cameras have pixel counts in excess of 12MP, allowing them to shoot video clips in full HD 1080/60p video. The length of video clip is limited by the capacity of memory card, which is frequently above 16GB.
We help the visitor in its decision with several pre-selections such as Best Sellers and Gift Ideas, updated frequently. It is available also a search engine across all available point-and-shoot cameras of our store.

Below we recommend several point-and-shoot digital cameras from Top 100 Best Sellers ranking.

The Mobiles department has mobile devices grouped in several families, such as Kindle, iPad, iPod, Smartphones and Cellulars. All these products are connected wirelessly to Internet from any point where wireless Internet is available. This created an explosive market of these devices. There are also some elements which makes distinctions between them.

Kindle product family developed and marketed by Amazon is geared to browsing and selling Amazon products. Kindle E-readers are oriented mainly for reading Amazon e-books. The recent Kindle Fire products are general purpose devices equipped with 1920×1200 HD display, Dolby audio, Integrated support for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and more. They support Skype video calls with front-facing HD camera feature added on top of all the other features of the previous Kindle.

Tabletsincluding iPad, iPod products from Apple are integrating computer, stunning display, keyboard, touch screen (mouse-like operation), image sensors and Internet connection within the same rugged unit. Their popularity is explosive. You have a large selection of them to choose from.

Smartphones are integrating more and the cell functions with tablets functions at shrinked size. Their popularity is also explosive. You can find a multitude of them in our store, made by several manufacturers, including Apple.

Below we recommend several models from Top 100 Best Sellers Smartphones

The Camcorders department has all models from pocket-size up to professional level.
Our camcorders have features such as High Definition 1080 P (1,730+), Image Stabilization (1,240+), Handycam (1,090+), Professional (1,010+), Low Light (650+), High Resolution (490+), Waterproof (350+).
In Camcorders departments, you find products from various brands such as GoPro (15+), Sony (1,000+), Kodak (60+), Contour (20+), Panasonic (320+), Flip Video (35+), Canon (250+) and more.
The recording media types are various: Flash Memory (1,000+), MiniDV (400+), Hard Disk Drive (240+), Mini DVD (150+1), Analog 8mm & Hi8 (40+), VHS-C (30+) and Digital8 (30).
The image sensor size belongs to several categories: 1.9MP & Under (430+), 2 to 2.9MP (90+), 3 to 3.9MP (70+), 4 to 4.9MP (25+), 5 to 5.9MP (130+) and 6 MP & Up (130+).

For all examples above, the numbers in parenthesis show how many items belong to that category. We recommend below from Top 100 Best Sellers in Camcorders.

The Image Lab title of this department was inspired from the vocabulary of the traditional technology of photo and film. The entire content is build around digital image and video, from image sensor, to storage, processing, transfer and display. Everything is digital now. Image Lab department has all the necessary items for storing, processing, local printing and transferring images and video through Internet.

Laptops and Notebooks now are very powerful at very affordable prices, successfully replacing the desktops for multiple applications, including for image and video processing. With external Blu-ray drive, you can use the laptop even for Blu-ray media.
The Image Lab department offers a large variety of laptops from reputable brands such as Acer, Alienware, Apple, ASUS, Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba to name just several. These laptops have either Intel, or AMD processors and the screen size range is from 10 to 19 inches. They are equipped with RAM size between 2GB and 16GB, HDD size starting from 200GB and high resolution graphics, compatible with HD video productions. The operating systems are Windows 7 with eventual upgrade to Windows 8, and MAC OS.

Below we recommend from Top 100 Best Sellers in Laptop Computers.

We have the broadest range of high quality Photo Printers on the market. Photo quality printing requires both printer calibration and the use of photo quality paper. Most photo printers are using either ink, or toner that smear on regular printer paper, thus limiting the printing resolution. The photo paper has a special coating on its printing side for preventing smearing and also for achieving either glossy or matte appearance. You can use photo printers also for printing text and low resolution images on regular printer paper. Home photo printing has the same quality as printing in a specialized shop; just the price is higher. Most of the home printers today are available as all-in-one option, integrating printer, fax and scanner in the same unit.

We recommend below from the Top 100 Best Sellers in Photo Printers.

The Scanners of our store cover of broad range of applications. Photo scanners with resolutions of 4600dpi and up can be used for converting to digital format the pictures on paper for digital processing using picture editors and for archiving. Photo scanners can be used also for converting into electronic documents containing text and low resolution images, for archiving purposes. Once converted to electronic format, the quality of scanned documents can be easily improved by using elementary image processing functions such as adjustment of midtones, brightness and contrast, functions eventually embedded in Windows and MAC OS operating systems existing on the market.

Below we recommend from Top 100 Best Sellers in Photo Scanners.

Video and Music Software is a must in Image Lab for processing images and video recordings.

There are numerous examples of using image editors, from simple adjustment of the image size up to compose another image from several images, high dynamic range or HDR photos and many other applications, limited only by imagination.

The situation is totally different with video recordings. Let us consider a typical case. The operator takes video clips when the events come. Usually there are multiple recordings of different subjects on the same media either flash card, or Mini DV or HDD, or other. These primary recordings must be used further to build productions eventually with comments and transitions between scenes. There is no other way of doing these simple tasks without using a computer and a video editor and eventually a sound editor for the sound track. The video production will be seen either on computer screen, or on TV; therefore, the video editor must release the production outcome either in file format for PC, or in a format complying with one or more TV standards. Eventually, the TV compatible outcome must be put on DVD or on Blu-ray for distribution purposes. There is no other way of doing all this work but using a video editor and eventually a sound editor.

Image Lab has the best editors for image, video and sound available on the market. We recommend a short selection from Top 100 Best Sellers in Video Editors.

The Displays department has all categories of display devices available on the market.
You can find in this department the vast majority of Computer Monitors, HDTVs, 3D HDTV, Digital Photo Frames and Digital Projectors. It is good to mention here that the digital projectors have certain features such as lightweight, portability and the ability to project images to any surface with reasonable quality, that make them difficult to replace by large screen TVs.

We recommend several models from Top 100 Best Sellers in Computer Monitors.

The Surveillance systems department has one of the largest variety of security and surveillance products in the world at the best prices and delivery options. You can find there Complete Surveillance Systems (2,800+), Surveillance Cameras (8,500+), Accessories (5,100+), Surveillance Video Equipment (2,600+), Home Security Systems (1,500+), Security Sensors (350+), Motion Detectors (50+), Barking-Dog Alarms (5+), Horns & Sirens (110+) and Biometrics (5+).

We recommend below a selection from Top 100 Best Sellers in Surveillance Systems.

The Accessories department displays most popular accessories for digital photography and video, such as cases and bags, batteries and chargers, tripods, USB flash drives and flash cards, lens accessories, speedlites or flash units and a multitude of other accessories.

A short selection of accessories selected form a multitude of products ranked among Top 100 in their categories is shown below. For more products within each category, follow the links of the Accessories department.

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