Recommended Security and Surveillance Components

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The Surveillance System

is the “electronic watch dog” of your property. It combines several technologies for video cameras, video compression, digital video recording, wireless communication and Internet connection to give you a trustful device. As an example, you can set your 4-cameras home system with 500GB HDD, for 24/7 recording of all your cameras at 2-seconds sampling of each camera. Then, you will have a full record for more than 2 month. If you connect your video surveillance system to Internet, you can check from any place in the world what is happening in real time in your property. Video surveillance system will send you an e-mail if there is any unauthorised intrusion in your property. However, the intrusion is already recorded. Moreover, you can check also what was happening there up to more than two months back.

We know from our experience that a surveillance sign informing about surveillance system in operation is an efficient way of protecting the property, which must have an operational video surveillance system installed. There is a very simple explanation for sign efficiency. Most of potential intruders have already a police record as thieves. They collect information about their future target and consider the risk associated to it. If you post only the warning sign and there is no operational surveillance system, your sign is almost useless. The intrusion risk is very low, and the thieves will steal from your property with practically no risk. If you have an operational surveillance system, theft risk is very high and you are well protected. Warning sign is an additional way of informing the potential thieves about the risk they are facing. With a warning sign and an operational surveillance system, you expose yourself to a very small number of potential thieves which ignore the sign and the existence of the surveillance system, and are ready to take the risk. From our experience, this number is very small. We have below a large selection of surveillance signs.

Complete surveillance system is a good option for monitoring your business and also your property. Of course, you can hire a security company for installing a security system and for monitoring your property, but also you can do yourself both jobs, saving a lot of money. We invite you to read the article Video Surveillance System – Do It Yourself.

Below we recommend several security systems from the Top 100 products of our 8,100+ items available in our site. Use this complete surveillance systems link for accessing our entire collection.

We have surveillance cameras in a multitude of shapes and configurations for applications ranging from surveillance of babies up to surveillance of small stores and small companies.
We recommend you below several models from the

Top 100 surveillance cameras. For the entire range of our surveillance cameras, follow the link above.

Security sensors are based mainly on motion detection. They can be combined with horns and sirens either locally or at remote locations via wireless link. All sensors and alarms are available in a wide variety of shapes and combinations for various applications: home, small business, patrol, to mention just few. Below you see our recommended sensors and alarms from our entire collection having more than 2,400 items. For accessing the entire collection, follow the links above.

Wireless surveillance system is your “unseen” electronic ward of your property or of your business. Not only it is very honest and untouchable, but it does 24/7 surveillance with a minimal cost, providing you a legal recording of intruders, of the intrusion attempts, or of unfair behaviour of your employees. If you install it with a backup power supply, you are protected also for attempts to stop its operation by intruders.

Surveillance is a big market segment using a wide range of equipment and devices. Below you have a short selection of Surveillance Equipment used frequently in security industry. Follow the link for more equipment.

We recommend below several surveillance signs from our large selection. For more signs, follow the link.